Consistent monthly support on a freelance basis

Flexibility is one of the greatest advantages of using a freelancer and businesses can use my services whenever they need to, but can a freelancer ever offer the consistency and momentum of an employed resource who works for your business every month? Of course it can!

Retained marketing services

Retained Contracts

I can (and usually do, for most clients) offer regular support on a monthly basis through my retained agreements where you commit to taking a fixed number of hours per month. This offers two main advantages. Firstly, you get regular, consistent output. This may mean your blog is always fresh (and we all know how much Google appreciates regularly updated content), or your social media is active and engaged and able to respond to topical events and themes. It could mean that every review is replied to on a timely basis, or that your regular email newsletter goes out without fail on a rolling schedule. Marketing always has more value than the sum of its parts when it is delivered regularly and consistently rather than as and when you think to do something.

The second benefit is that you save money. There are several levels of discount on the hourly rate depending on the number of hours you take and the duration of the contract. The more hours and the longer the agreement, the better the discounts get.

I also effectively become part of the team (and that’s not just so I get a Christmas party, though it’s always nice to be invited!), able to work alongside your staff where advantageous to do so and really get to know your business, just as if I was employed by you. You can think of me as your virtual marketing or content manager. I can self sufficiently manage my hours and activities over the month (I’m not like a part time staff member where I only work for you on Tuesdays, for example) and you get the benefit of a highly experienced marketing/content specialist without the need to employ one.

Contact me for my rates and to find out more about monthly retained contracts.

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