With copy and content at their heart

I am a marketing delivery specialist. While many marketing consultants focus on creating marketing strategies and telling you what you need to do, I like to see it through. To me, the fun is in the creativity: the setting things up, the writing killer copy, the working with designers and developers, seeing things grow and take shape and, ultimately, achieving your objectives. I have a love for content writing but my skills span the breadth of marketing communications.

The Perfect Partnership of Marketing and Writing

Writing copy has always been at the heart of what I do and the explosion of the value of marketing content over the last 10 years has allowed me to focus on my love of writing. However, I would be loathed to pigeonhole myself exclusively as a copy writer as I still love the creativity of planning a campaign, of setting up referral scheme or customer loyalty programme, of designing and creating email newsletters, engaging with clients’ customers through their reviews or social media, and even updating product listings and descriptions on e-commerce sites.

Marketing & copywriting Wakefield

Content Writing +

I would, therefore, describe what I offer as Content Writing +: copy and content within a wider context of generalist marketing experience. I believe that my marketing expertise enriches the content I write and my copy writing skills allows me to offer a more complete marketing service.

You can see a sample of my writing portfolio here that demonstrates the diversity of the topics I write about. I’m always up for learning about new ones too!

My services include, but are not restricted to:

Copy Writing

All forms of copy writing for online and offline resources.

Website Content Management

Managing all areas of your website including page copy, blogging, and product listings.


Creating engaging, relevant blog content for user experience and SEO.

Social Media

Presenting the public face of your business through social media platforms.

Email Marketing

Email campaign development, planning, writing, and execution.

Campaign development

Developing and delivering marketing communication campaigns.

Online Profile Management

Managing all aspects of your public profile including customers engagement via review and social media platforms.

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Formulating marketing strategies and, most importantly, delivering them.

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