Post-pandemic freelance is the future 

Smiles Marketing is Sarah Miles, a freelance marketer, copy writer, and blogger based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Formerly trading as Sarah Ainslie Marketing, Smiles Marketing signifies a new evolution of the business: copy and content enriched by my wider marketing experience. Read more about the rebrand here.

How we all do business has changed

Where once we considered it the norm for all functions of a company to be performed by people physically sat in the same building, we now appreciate that they can be delivered very successfully remotely. These new flexible ways of working have not only changed the landscape of employment but have also made incorporating freelance specialists into businesses both seamless and highly effective.
(Guess what, they always were!).

Of course, I have been ahead of the curve for quite a while, plugging remote, freelance marketing services into businesses since 2007!

Copy Writing

All forms of copy writing for online and offline resources.

Website Content Management

Managing all areas of your website including page copy, blogging, and product listings.


Creating engaging, relevant blog content for user experience and SEO.

Social Media

Presenting the public face of your business through social media platforms.

Email Marketing

Email campaign development, planning, writing, and execution.

Campaign development

Developing and delivering marketing communication campaigns.

Online Profile Management

Managing all aspects of your public profile including customers engagement via review and social media platforms.

Marketing Resource Development

Creating marketing collateral including print literature, case studies, advertising, and event materials.

Copy and content enriched by 25+ years of general marketing experience

By training and experience, I am a generalist marketer, able to turn my hand to everything from devising marketing strategies, to working with designers and web developers, to creating customer retention schemes etc but my real passion is writing. Therefore, I now predominantly specialise in crafting content for websites, social media, email marketing etc and there’s nothing I love better than blogging! I believe my general marketing expertise enriches the content that I write, and we all know, in the digital era, that content is king.

You can read more about what I do, and the advantages I can offer your business, here.

Sarah Miles Marketing

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